mardi 20 décembre 2011

Cell in a Human Scale

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A multi-disciplinary duet performance based on a personal story. The two performers “live” inside a protected and sterile white space. In this space, they examine their relationships with each other and their relations to the environment. The performance space is composed of images projected simultaneously from several projectors. These images define the space and create a unique architecture, as well as represent the performer’s inner world.

Sahar Azimi Dancer/Choreographer. Born in 1974. Danced in various companies: Bat Sheva Ensemble, Klipa Theater, Barak Marshal, Emanuel Gat and more. Since 1999 Sahar has created numerous pieces, among them: So said Herzel, White dance, Come feel, Utf8, and more. He teaches at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and is an artistic director of the Curtain Up platform. In 2012 Sahar will take part in a residency program at the University of Illinois, commissioned by the Schusterman fund.

Tamara Erde Director. Born in Israel, 1982. Based in Paris. Tamara holds a BA in Visual Communication and an MA in experimental cinema. Her works cross various mediums: documentary and fiction films, performances and video installations. Among her works: Rober, Jericho, A soldier’s dream, Saras&Bobs. Tamara’s works are presented at various film festivals, galleries and theatrical venues around the world, and are produced mainly in Paris and around Europe.

Co-creators and performers: Sahar Azimi and Tamara Erde

Lighting design: Dani Fishof

Original music and sound design: Didi Erez

Japan by CocoRosie

Kiss Kiss by Yoko Ono

Art and costume design: Anna Waisman

Texts: Sahar Azimi and Tamara Erde

Styling: Ariel Cohen

Artistic consulting and rehearsal managment: Anna Waisman

Post production: Eitan Malki

Group scene participants: Amir Azulay, Yotam Bezalel, Asol Gendelman,

Orin Gerstenhaber, Rodik Dinisman, Yair Rainer

Doctor’s scene: Yuval Meskin

Sound, lighting and technical production: Magenta Ltd.

Screening equipment: Rimoninio Video projections Ltd.

Production: Anat Radnay

Sceintific video images: Thomas Huser, Ph.D., Department of Internal Medicine, and

NSF Center for Biophotonics University of Califronia, Davis and colleagues: Gregory McNerney,

Deanna Thompson and Frank Chuang, University of California, Davis;

Wolfgang Huebner, Benjamin Dale and Benjamin Chen, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NY

Portrait image by: David Adika

Documentation: Gadi Dagon

PR: Amalia Eyal and Elinor Glikman in cooperation with the Israeli AIDS Task Force

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From the Press:

" Its a shaking and troubling piece that dosnt leave the viewer long after he left the space...”

(Merav Yudilevitch – Ynet)

"the piece is indeed a dialog between the creators that managed to unite the two voices into one powerful voice that blows the viewer, not letting him remain indifferent or watch from the sidelines... “

(Zvi Goren – Habama)

"Cell in a Human Scale is an expressive work of art. Speaking to the senses and emotions it has the ability to go beyond statistics and logic to open minds and hearts.”

(Ayelet Dekel – Midnighteast)

Azimi brought his wealth of movement knowledge and his desire to explore new possibilities for his own performances, Erde’s handiwork is projected on the walls of the white space, at once filling the performance arena with images and emotions.As the piece unfolds, the stage takes on a life of its own, morphing and offering new stimuli for the two trapped performers”

(Ori J.Lenkinski – Jerusalem Post)